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Written By Karen Lorre
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In This Revolutionary Book You Will Learn Exactly How To Overcome Your Pain And Trauma And Get What You Want From Your Romantic Partner

Here are just a few of the nuggets I give away:

  • See what is the main reason people struggle in relationships and why these issues are so hard to spot. (Chapter 4)
  • Discover the power to shift your own physiology, so you can be free of soooooo many negative health and emotional experiences. (page 51)
  • Learn how you can see the signs and know who and when to trust - and how much you can lose when you don't know these signs! (page 63)
  • Enjoy communicating what you want in healthy ways that inspire men to want to provide more for you. (page 65)
  • Learn how to radiate sex appeal and enjoy the powerful ways it can enhance your life. (page 66)
  • Get the secret to feeling consistently safe and secure. (page 66)
  • Practice this super fun habit that will make you feel and be more and more attractive. (page 71)
  • Discover how you can experience more support, effortlessly. (page 73)
  • Gain access to the secret that inspires everyone to love you. (page 73)
  • Learn this wonderful practice of claiming your true feminine energy. (page 81)
  • Discover this most pleasurable practice that leaves you radiating more light and magnetism. (page 86)
  • Learn what backfires when people try to change others, and how to get what you want - in the way that serves you and all involved. (page 97)
  • Discover how people respond to you in wonderful new ways after you put this into practice. (page 104)
  • Learn simple ways to bring back mystery and romance in your relationship. (page 105)
  • Find the secrets to increase your sensuality and pleasure. (page 108)
  • Discover this easy practice to get your needs met while also empowering the man in your life. (page 118)
  • Learn to ignite your attractive power in your own way, to bring more of what you want. (page 122)
  • Discover all the areas of the female body that are erectile tissue and how to activate them for exquisite pleasure. (page 122)

... and so much more.

Karen Lorre’s love radiates to you… You can trust that Karen is the real deal —she embodies Chronic Pleasure and teaches you to do the same.

Deepak Chopra

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Hey There, I'm Karen Lorre,

Because I struggled with pain, insecurity, and sexual and physical traumas that caused PTSD, unconscious blocks, chronic pain, panic attacks, narcolepsy, and more - which ruined my marriage to the man I loved - and because well-meaning doctors, psychiatrists, therapists, and healers, actually impeded me from real thriving, I had to discover my own path to healing my body, my PTSD, and my relationships. 

My discovery of that path has caused all of my own relationships to blossom, and my clients' relationships to be enriched like never before. And I can help you heal and have phenomenal relationships too. You deserve to have the life of your dreams. 

I am the best-selling author of: 

Chronic Pleasure, Use The Law of Attraction to Transmute Fatigue and Pain into Vibrant Energy,

Effortless Enchantment, A Memoir of Magic, Magnetism and Miracles, and 

Chronic Pleasure in Relationships - Inspire the Best in Men

I am also an actress and have done over a thousand hours of TV, films, and commercials.

My work has been endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gay Hendricks, and many more.

Jump in and know that you are safe and held, so you can discover the real path to happy, easy, fun relationships!

Before starting to work with Karen there was a lot of tension in my closest relationships both at work and at home.  I would get upset easily and inevitably arguments and anger flare-ups would happen. It was causing suffering with my wife, my parents, my kids and my co-workers.

My wife had been working with Karen and telling me about her calls and the exercises she was doing.  I said, “That’s great - for you.  I don’t need any help.”  But, more recently I really noticed a change in her; she seemed like she was having more fun in her day-to-day and less easily provoked.  When she did get triggered, she would snap out of it quicker. 

Reluctantly, I ended up doing the sessions—I still can’t believe how effective it was.  So much tension and resistance has been released and I find myself more easy-going and more often in gratitude.  Every one of my relationships that had issues has improved.  I am now more able to communicate difficult things that I used to avoid entirely.  The activities that Karen showed me were familiar but not obvious.  Karen’s presence is magical - she comforts and heals.  I really felt a deep connection with her during the calls (yes even on Zoom).  I would come off the calls bouncing off the walls on cloud 9, feeling so excited.  My wife and kids couldn’t help but join in on the fun.  They were so happy to see me like that.  If you’re serious about your spiritual program and willing to trust in Karen’s process, you’re in for a treat!


Before coaching with Karen, I was struggling with my relationship to myself and to God.  Due to my religious upbringing, it was difficult for me to even use the word God without feeling triggered.  Often, my automatic reaction in many situations and relationships in my life was to feel guilt, shame, blame, and an over-responsibility to others.  Deep down I felt I was a bad person and it was difficult for me to fully relax, be present, and trust.  My desire to feel like a good and deserving person led me to become a people pleaser and this was affecting my ability to be fully honest and true to myself in many of my relationships.

After working with Karen, I now feel calmer, much more present, and more integrated.  Further, instead of guilt, shame, and blame, my new automatic reactions are becoming more and more self- supportive, unconditionally loving, nurturing, and kind, which allows me to be more balanced and authentic in all of my relationships. Usually, after being in a group, I needed to rest and be alone for a few days. However, I recently spent a full weekend out of town with extended family and when we returned home, I was able to resume my regular life without needing to rest and be alone! Upon reflection of this exciting change, I realized that it was no longer necessary for me to be on “alert” with others. The tension that was “draining” me is almost completely gone. 

I am profoundly appreciative of all of these changes and the unconditional love, ease, and genuine connection that is growing greater and deeper in all of my relationships as a result of working with Karen. 

Andrea M.

Why Am I Giving This Book Away For Free?

Because my goal with this book is to help more people than I possibly could just through my coaching programs. I’m able to give it away for free because many of my readers are so impressed with the contents, they join my coaching programs in order to heal their traumas and blocks and enjoy happy and fulfilling romantic relationships.

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