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Testimonials from True Mastery University Clients

Karen, you had already helped me more than anyone else to learn about myself mentally and spiritually when you coached me, and now you are helping me immensely physically.

You are a godsend to my mind, body, and spirit!

I ENJOYED sending you the money.

And to hear it was not necessary since you were helping me out of love touched my heart so dearly that I’ve been in the clouds all these days!

I love you so much and am so glad we connected!

I recently saw an article from when you were learning the trapeze. It made me think about how you set your mind to things you want to do and then you do it. You learn and grow and become an expert at so many things. You have been leading a very full life because of your gentle intensity in mastering whatever challenge you undertake. Think of all that you have done and are still doing! You have been amazing for me!

You learn important things with an incredible depth and you remember what you learn and apply it well and you have the humility to say you will look up what you don’t know or don’t remember. You take into account the differences between the people you are helping so you can tailor-make your approach and then truly help others in unique ways.

This is from a former client who is a psychiatrist and PhD in biological psychology. 

Before Karen and I started working with one another-I had been going through a very rough spot in my life. I had experienced a gamut of change. I was having trouble in personal relationships. I was sad, depressed and I felt stuck. Life happened in a way that I didn’t want,  and knew I needed a fresh approach to getting back being happy. 

I had been very affected by another’s persons behavior, I was not getting my hearts desires and knew what I was doing ….was no longer working. 

The direction I wanted to go-I had no idea how to could get there. 

Karens coaching has been so helpful and clear. Shifting has been fun. I am grateful for what I have learned and the simple techniques on how to get where I want.. Karen gently guided me back to my natural balance and homeostasis …..such a blessing! 

Now, I am so grateful to Karen for showing me how easy and fun change can be. Now, I am in a consistent, daily habit of living in my  inner joy - instead of expecting others or the outside world to do bring it/do it for me.  I have claimed my power back. Now I am allowing myself to receive love. Best part-My prayer life is so much stronger than it has ever been and my relationship with God is richer and deeper.

We all need help and guidance at some times in our life.  Karen came into my life at a time where I knew I couldn’t get there on my own, and she was paramount for me in taking my next steps into my next chapter of life.  Priceless.

 If you’re on the fence about working with Karen…I say “Go for it! 

Hilary P.

West Palm Beach


Before I began working with Karen, I was experiencing a very stressful time in my life and was unable to find my center. There were panic attacks, confusing physical issues and lots of crying.  I was forced to take a leave of absence from my job.  I bounced from doctor to doctor searching for answers.

I reached out to Karen and am so glad that I took that step! I am now stronger, happier and healthier. Through working with Karen I was able to be my own advocate and found a doctor who could help me.  I then was able to decide when it was the right time to stop all medication and take charge of my healing.

 I have found my sense of humor and gained the ability to speak up for myself. I returned  to work with a new outlook and more ease.  I have much more confidence and faith in my own connection to Spirit/Source. If ever I have doubts, Karen has provided effective tools to help me find my way. 

Life sometimes throws one off balance and can make it difficult to find one's way without help. If you find that you are in a place of stress or despair, or even if you simply want to improve your outlook on life and circumstances, I encourage you to work with Karen!

She is patient, vibrant and positive.

She will see your spirit and truly hear you. She intuitively knows what you need.

The group calls were so helpful. I don't normally feel comfortable in groups, but Karen's group was so caring and supportive, I often felt like I was chatting with life-long friends. 

Many times we ended the calls with meditations that continue to benefit me.

Give yourself the wonderful gift of a fuller, happier, more peaceful life-- work with Karen!



I so appreciate my amazing clients. This is from one of my french / english clients. We are both learning each other’s languages. Giggle! 

"Bonjour tout le monde, hi everyone!!

My name is Martin. 

Before I received coaching from Karen I was anxious about money. Since I am self-employed in the health business, I was anxious when there was a lack of clients. The first week of coaching, the phone didn’t stop and my agenda was full.  Now I have a steady stream of money coming in. 

During the period I was coached by Karen  my partner was bit in face by her dog by accident. 

I reached out to Karen when my partner and I were at the hospital, Karen helped me do some of her magic, and everything went well. Today, several months later, you cannot see anything but a microscopic scar on my partners face. 

I worked with Karen for 6 months and now the anxiety is gone, my life is so calm, relaxed and serene. I don’t worry anymore because everything I want comes to me. 

My partner and I were in Italy this summer and she lost her passport… We stayed calm and did what we had to do and everything went smoothly and easy without any panic.

Being coached by Karen is a BLESSING. I am so happy and grateful to have met this amazing human being. I have a feeling that whatever may come to me, I will have know what to do to overcome any challenge that life will send in my path.

Thank you dear Karen



Before I came to work with Karen, I was experiencing lots of anxiety and worry about so many things. 

I regularly woke up worried and unable to sleep the rest of the night. 

I was anxious about a lot of things including travel and I had an upcoming trip over the holidays.

I worried about money, and what would happen over time if I retired. 

I believed that aging only meant decline no matter how well I take care of myself. 

I also tended to value others authority over my inner wisdom and that often left me feeling unsteady and disempowered.

And I never felt really like I belonged.

After working with Karen, rarely do I wake up in worry, but if i do, I enlist a quick exercise to sleep well the rest of the night. The anxiety now hardly ever comes up in any part of my life but if it does, I know what to do.

Traveling over the Christmas holidays was the calmest, easiest trip I’ve taken in years. 

I found several hundred dollars that I had forgotten in my drawer for years, showing me that the Universe has my back.

I owed quite a bit of money and being introduced to Karen’s perspectives and processes, I was able to reduce my anxiety overall. It became easier to pay the debt and I paid it off in a shorter time than expected, increasing the amount each payment. This increased my confidence and lightened my view about what I was capable of.

My experience at work improved too. For example, I completed the work of someone on vacation in addition to my own work and felt accomplished and contributory, rather than resentful and overwhelmed as I had previously.

Now I’m clear on what I want and know it’s possible. Now I feel confident and capable of leading my health journey through my mindset and inner guidance. One example is that I listened to my gut about the timing of a series of medical procedures recommended, rather than blindly accept my doctor’s POV. It was proved  that my gut led me to the best course.

I told Karen after a couple weeks of working with her, that I feel like I belonged and am a match to our group in a way I hadn’t felt before.

When I came to Karen, I felt I already looked younger than my age but yet my beliefs about aging caused me anxiety. Through Karen’s programs, True Mastery and Age Reversal, I practice thoughts that reshape my beliefs and have me feeling better and better.


Hello Everyone - It’s Ruth 

Applause for Karen Lorre and her awe-inspiring and life-changing practices. I have benefited tremendously from her coaching. 

 Today, I am living each day in an upgraded version of myself, such that I am not remembering the specifics of what wasn't working for me. I am in a new state of being – like it has always been this way.

Karen reminded me about what brought me to her. I was  struggling with work and relationships. 

 Well, gone are the days of me planning for the worst and being afraid of the future. 

Gone are the days of me stressing and overdoing to prove my worth. 

Gone are the days of feeling disconnected from my partner and others. 

Gone are the days of being anxious about my children’s well-being. 

Gone are the days of others disappointing me. 

Gone are the days of feeling a deep sense of sadness and separateness that shadowed my every moment.

Today, I feel a deep sense of love for myself, others, and have the tools to keep this state as my new normal.  I feel abundant, alive in beauty, and connected to others and my own spirit. 

I feel joy in my work and at home with my family. My hubby and I are now spending more time together, holding hands and snuggling more often. 

My adult children share with me that I am 'the best mom ever' and how much they love and appreciate me. 

My colleagues and I frequently giggle and our collaboration is amazingly fun and more productive.

 My story could be your story. Invest in yourself. Suspend any disbeliefs you may have. Read Karen’s books. Engage in her coaching. Listen to her meditations. Practice her practices. You too can forget whatever current state you are in and create your own new way of being.



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I first met the beauty-FULL Karen in 2016 while on an Abraham Hicks cruise through the South Pacific islands.

I immediately resonated with her the moment I met her (she was doing acro at the time I first saw her & I remember being in AWE of her grace, strength & all kinds of incredible tricks while on a rocking ship!!)

We kept in touch ever since & I have worked with her 1:1.

Recently though, while newly pregnant with my second baby boy, I worked with Karen again.

My intention in our session was about making my birth experience the most pleasurable & beautiful as possible. 

She gave me some incredibly valuable advice, guidance, tips & tools during our call to support me with this & also sent me a meditation which I played most nights as I drifted off to sleep.

The evening I went into labor (at home, in the water!)  I had been listening to this very meditation as my waters broke!

Needless to say I had the most incredible birth experience with under 2 hrs of active labor!

I vividly recall Karen’s words playing through my mind as I birthed my baby Earthside.

I even started laughing  as my baby was ‘coming down’!

It was absolutely my DREAM birth, exactly as I had envisioned. There was no pain as such - just extreme intensity, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

I felt SO empowered. SO grateful.

I truly believe that all the prep I did leading up to this birth - especially that of Karen’s guidance made all the difference.

I’m so incredibly grateful for you, Karen. You are an Earth Angel of cosmic worlds.

Thank you, I love you x

Amy Sinclair.

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"When I began working with Karen, I was dealing with some very heavy issues. The death of my daughter and my mother only 14 days apart, coupled with my husband’s sudden onset of a serious disease, had taken a toll on every facet of my life. 

Karen was able to help me reset. I regained my strength, my relationship with my husband immediately improved, and I began to feel whole and healed. 

Now, my marriage is strong again, and I am able to deal with my grief in healthy ways. 

But in those now rare moments, when I begin to feel any internal disconnect or distance forming in my marriage, I close my eyes and listen for Karen’s words in my head, and things just magically form a straight line again - back to love, to connection. Karen really was a miracle for me. 

Karen, I can never thank you enough! And my husband continually treats me like a goddess! Which YOU taught me to be!



“I have to say how appreciative I am to Karen.

Doing her True Mastery University has shifted me so rapidly from so much negative programming into a new and more powerful state. I woke up this morning at around 4 o’clock and I put into practice some of what  Karen has taught me. 

It was the most surreal experience I have ever had. My heart, my mind, and my DNA are changing so rapidly and I feel so much love. 

Thank you, Karen, so much for connecting me with myself and my heart. I feel such enormous healing of my traumatic past,  like never before. 

And this is after only a couple weeks in True Mastery University! I cant wait to see how much more I transform!”

H. P. M.

Dear Karen,

I want to thank you for the amazing coaching work that you have done with my daughter. I hired you because she was suffering from self defeating thoughts and a recurrence of illnesses and injuries keeping her from the success that she deserved.

 Since working with you, she has been shining her light everywhere. She is being recognized at work for her leadership and vision, she is succeeding at her side project which is an amazing podcast and she’s been asked to speak at a highly regarded industry symposium about how men can do a better job with women at the work place.

In short, I am so excited when she calls now because it means she’s going to share another incredible success.

 My husband has noticed the improvement and wants us all to have “time with Karen”. We are all so appreciative of the work that you do and your absolute commitment to your clients. It shows. With much love, Deb W.


And she is enjoying a more positive social life!”


-Deb (the mom of a client) 

Hi Karen!

Just have to tell you.... I am Turned On!!! 🤗 Your suggested ‘therapy’ is awesome. I can hardly believe how my body is responding!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ I get such a sense of our orgasmic experiences vibrationally blessing  the world. ✨💖✨My sounds come from the opening of the womb. It feels like as above, so below. The experience is also the metaphor of so much more. It’s reaching the ‘unreachable star’ Our true vibration blesses, as even the unseen flower blesses the forest.

(From The Silver Wheel by Elen Tompkins)

- Sophia


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"My Dearest Goddess and Creator of All things Wonderful and Delicious - Karen Lorre, I love you so much.  My heart is full of gratitude for your bravery for speaking the truth, for facing the attorneys and retelling your story. You are so brave and magnificent. Karen, your voice changed the course of history. I am so very, very proud of you. Your brave act of truth telling brought justice to welcoming souls and was pivotal and instrumental in catapulting the trajectory of the lives of the plaintiffs - the boys -  and their families into the direction of healing, of a sense of justice and new possibilities. 

Karen, your voice, your actions were essential to the grown children’s abilities to step into a beautiful and productive phase of their lives. 

Karen, you are such a gift to your every connection. Your actions and voice brought resolve and healing to his sister, ME!  My life is better because of you. You are such a gift to me and so many others.  I am forever grateful for YOU. Thank you so much for all that you bring - for all that you are - for creating a better world for everyone and everything you touch. I am so blessed to know you - to be connected to you - to be a part of your life. Your love, beauty and abilities are bountiful and infinite. I love you so much

- love, GQS.


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"My primary goals for working with Karen Lorre was to help my sleeping issues, to reduce chronic neck pain and to help with my anger problems Before working with Karen, my neck pain ranged from being severe and debilitating to a constant ache and tightness.  NOW from the various methods that Karen taught me, my neck problems have been reduced 90% or more and when I may have slight pain or the beginning of tightness I know how to quickly treat it and it goes away.

My sleep has drastically improved. For over 10 years, I was consistently sleeping only 5 hours a night which for me makes it almost impossible to function throughout the day and I had tried everything you could imagine over the span of that 10+ years to fix it. Since working with Karen,  I am now sleeping 7-8 hours a night almost every night. It is incredible, I never thought this would be possible.

Before working with Karen, I was even drinking 3-4 cups of coffee per day for energy from not sleeping well.  Even with the coffee, I  could barely function. I have since stopped drinking coffee completely, because I now have more natural, vibrant energy.

Before working with Karen I would have bouts of anger that would arise in competitive situations, stressful interactions with my ex-wife and when driving (I live in Boston, we are not the friendliest drivers :))  and since working with her,  now I am calm and peaceful in these situations with a completely different mindset and if anything does begin to agitate or frustrate me I can quickly shift these feelings.

There have been so many other amazing benefits in my life that I did not expect from working with Karen:
Every relationship in my life is a million times better.  From my parents, ex-wife, my son, my brother and sister, my clients, and my friends, they have all improved. They all would tell you that there has been an enormous positive shift in me (some have asked me what drugs I am on and if they can have some - haha! And I am not on any drugs! ;)).
I have gained 8 lbs of muscle without changing my diet or workouts, and I actually thought I had been eating less.  I had been plateaued at a weight for a while and was trying to gain additional muscle. Now I've broken through that plateau and the muscle building is still continuing!  I am in the best shape of my life, I attribute this new muscle gain to working with Karen, because she taught me me that when one has stress it reduces Human Growth Hormone so now that I feel so much happier from our work together, my HGH is naturally higher. Now I am eager to work out, I am more flexible,  I do more cardio, and I am pain-free. I have a Fitbit that tracks my heart rate and my resting heart rate has gone down 6 BPMs only in the last month, since working with Karen.

I had some very disconcerting bladder issues for over a year and I was planning to see a doctor but these symptoms have completely gone away as a result of using Karen’s practices and methods.

Karen truly is a Goddess with such a bright light of love that she shares unconditionally. I especially enjoy her excitement to share new things and how she always goes above and beyond my expectations. Her energy is out of this world!  Literally. When I am working with her I feel constant love from her and she brings true meaning to the phrase “holding space” for someone.  I feel so lucky and honored to work with her.   It has been life-changing and I would say to anyone considering working with Karen,  that you will be amazed at what can happen for you and how quickly and easily you can become the best version of yourself."



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When I started working with Karen, I had a troubled teenage son, I was going through a break up, and I was feeling a lot of despair about the state of the world. Now my teenage son is kinder, more helpful and a better listener. He even did 3 loads of my laundry without me asking! That’s never happened before! He’s also much more independent, which frees me up a lot.

The man I broke with is complimenting me on my son's growth and our newly found positive relationship.  He also says I am shining!

I no longer feel despair about the world and am now able to  feel empowered, limitless, free and joyful!  Fear and self doubt are no longer an issue.  I used to obsess about decisions, now I am connected to my intuition, and I always know what to do!

I also received the blessing of taking Karen's age reversal class! I had droopy eyelids, and since I am not a person who likes surgery, I just accepted them as inevitable.  Her method lifted my eyelids to the point where everyone is now complimenting me on my beautiful eye shadow (Before no one had noticed my eye shadow in years, because of the state my eyelids were in!)

My eyelids are no longer droopy, and my eyes are popping like they did when I was young! The bags under my eyes are going away too!

Karen is a magical fairy who will put you in touch with your own magical powers!  I am so grateful to have found her!

- Sassi, NYC

I had been studying the law of attraction a few years prior to working with Karen Lorre. I had attended seminars, read countless books and based on what was going on in my life and how I was feeling I felt like something was definitely missing. I wasn't happy with myself and what life was bringing me. I was always worried about finances, I had recently gotten married and my relationship with my wife was up and down. I was upset with the type of work that I was doing and physically and mentally exhausted from all the hours I was working.

Gosh where to start… Since I started working with Karen, my whole life has changed so much . It’s changed from the inside out. Karen taught me her practices. I started implementing her practices daily. I began to let go of old beliefs and conditioning that had been driving me unconsciously for so long.

Now I feel whole, my heart is full of love, I feel energetic, I feel excited about life like never before. I experience the beauty and effortless ease of life and the universe.

My mother passed away when I was very young and I always felt there was a void in my life that would never be filled. Following one of the practices in Karen's book I made contact with my non-physical Mom. It was like my pen was just moving and I wasn't even the one writing anymore. Shortly after, I began to notice that every morning following Karen’s heartfulness practice I would feel my mom's presence in the room. I continue to have this dialogue with her almost every day.

I was an electrical technician for the railroad seeking to transition into the real estate industry. Karen helped shift my work that had been such a challenge for me and something I had never liked doing. Now I enjoy my work more than I ever had.

While working with Karen one of the most respected Mortgage brokers in Westchester called me and told me that he wanted to help me. He sat me down with one of the top producing real estate agents who also happened to be new at the office where I had started working. We have been working together ever since and I am learning the business at such a fast pace and having so much success in such a short amount of time.Now I no longer need to work the job I had wanted to quit for years, but this time, the bosses at my work were so pleased with me that they gave me a large financial gift when I left.

Regarding the abundance in my life, I had old habits and beliefs that were blocking me from seeing certain things.

When I began to focus on what Karen suggested, my life began to change. I started to embody wealth. Things didn't change overnight. There was definitely a gestation period that I had to go through which put me in a position to receive wealth. But the more time passes the more momentum I feel I am creating when it comes to creating wealth financially in my life and the more abundance I am creating.

From working with Karen, I’ve also learned to interact with my wife in a new way. Now, I am in tune with what she really wants and how to provide the connection and support she was seeking. Our relationship is better now than it was when we first met and continues to improve using the practices Karen teaches.

Working with Karen has been life changing for me without a doubt. She is such a blast! I always feel so comfortable being myself around her. I’ve also met so many wonderful people on her calls every week. I would say don't even think twice about coaching with Karen.  She will always determine if the fit is right for her clients and her coaching far exceeds any expectations.

-Mick  (After his third session)

Hi Karen,

I wanted to fill you in with whats changed for me recently since our 3rd session last week.  First, every morning following your heartfulness exercise I spend a few moments with my mom, who if you remember, died when I was a young boy. I used to feel the loss of her, but now,I feel an undeniable sensation run through my body as I converse with her like I never felt before.

Second, is my wife. As I told you last session, we have not been having sex much, and she has been very anxious. I’ve been doing what you suggested before bed. She is a fairly new health coach and I also helped her close her first $6k client in between all of this.

This morning when we woke up I did more of what you suggested, we continued to converse and she says " I don't know what your doing but it's working..... take my pants off" LOL! I began to massage her vagina in the specific way as you suggested… after 5 minutes I was under attack, haha and the sex that followed was incredible. I feel so full of appreciation for you.

- Mick  (after 4th session )

Before I coached with Karen, I  was feeling angry, disconnected, feeling hopeless that I could not get what I  wanted from my romantic partner.. It had been almost 2 months since we had had real time with each other for deep connection. I was feeling like ending the relationship. He was not making any plans for connecting  after months of no real connection time together… His initial plan after not connecting with me for months was to watch a football game together. I did not want to do that.  

Karen Lorre gave me some coaching.  She helped me understand my boyfriend much better, and understand better ways to communicate so that the he felt more connected to me, instead of demanding it.. .  I tried the new suggestions Karen made…Here’s what I said to her within 24 hours of her coaching:  

Wow. Today is amazing. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to an amazing dinner together. He was extremely expressive about missing me, talked openly, and we were passionate all night. Crazy enough we actually had sex and it felt incredible. This morning we cuddled for two hours and talked about our plans together - and he was excited to take me somewhere for the weekend, and also Valentine’s Day weekend!!! 

It’s unbelievable!  I didn’t say a word to him about what I wanted and he was all of it and more!  Basically this is what happened after our session with you , Karen….

I told him I would Love to do dinner. Then he picked literally my favorite restaurant - no football - nothing. And then it was so fun. And I wore a scarf when he picked me up. He opened my door for Me, made reservations and I took my scarf off and he was like holy moly! Hahahahaha 

And then we proceeded to talk  and then we came home and it was incredible. So much chemistry. And this week he’s already planned all the days and what we will do. 

Karen I didn’t say a WORD about  all that I wanted… and it was like his spirit heard everything in my silence since our session, just like you said he would. And it was so much passion. Even outside the restaurant when the song ‘my girl’ came on he sang a line of it outside and then kissed me. 

I mean wow! I was swooning. He helped me get into the car and out… it was just incredible. I’m Stillll over the moon  And now we are going for a morning walk and then he wants to spend the entire day with me! And I’m so excited we’ve never done that!


When I first met Karen Lorre, I felt like I had hit rock bottom in my life. I hated my job, I was mad at my friends, I was unhappy with my living situation, I was trying to heal and recover from a concussion, and none of it seemed to be getting better. As a 25 year old, with all of this going on and still having to work full time, I legitimately felt doomed.

In my first conversation with Karen I remember asking “what if it doesn’t work? Do we stop after a certain number of sessions?” Karen looked at me with a big smile on her face and told me not to worry and that she knew it would work. Boy, was she right.

Now, I am able to look at my life with love, appreciation and gratitude for everything in it. My concussion symptoms are so much better, I have a new job that I LOVE, I feel so happy and in love with the beautiful friendships I have in my life, and I feel so appreciative of my living situation and all it has to offer me. I am now the boss of all these people older than me. I am now making more money and getting more support than ever.

I know that with the skills I have learned from Karen, all of it is going to keep getting better and better. She has truly changed my life for the better. I feel so happy and appreciative of my wonderful life.

I would highly recommend working with Karen as she will teach you skills that will allow you to live the rest of your life with health, success, love and appreciation. I am so happy thanks to the work I did with Karen.

She goes above and beyond as a coach as you work your way to alignment. She cares for her clients so much and it feels so amazing knowing your coach truly loves you that much and wants the absolute best for you.

- Ophelia

Hi Karen! Just have to tell you.... I am Turned On!!! 🤗 Your suggested ‘therapy’ is awesome. I can hardly believe how my body is responding!!! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ I get such a sense of our orgasmic experiences vibrationally blessing  the world. ✨💖✨My sounds come from the opening of the womb. It feels like as above, so below. The experience is also the metaphor of so much more. It’s reaching the ‘unreachable star’ Our true vibration blesses, as even the unseen flower blesses the forest.

(From The Silver Wheel by Elen Tompkins)


I decided to work with Karen Lorre for several reasons…I had an extreme negative reaction to loud sounds like in restaurants and I would  get so tense and would just want to leave. I had tried brain spotting and therapy but it had not worked.

I was feeling  so sad and guilty because my dear cousin had killed herself. I had been depressed for a few months.

I also wanted to feel better about men and get in a healthy great relationship where I felt valued.

And I wanted to move to a home in a beautiful canyon…

As Karen coached with me, she did some deep work with me that made my reaction to loud noises totally disappear in just one of our sessions. I now feel comfortable no matter where I am or what the noise is around me, including driving on canyon roads with the top down on my car in a line with many other Porsches… I got total freedom from that negative reaction to sound.

Through Karen’s help, I released all the sadness and guilt about the death of my cousin, and even feel her now helping me create new and better ideas for my business.

Karen gave me guidance about how to manifest a house in an area I wanted. I took her guidance and within 2 days, I found the PERFECT home for me right where I wanted it. It had everything I had wanted too! I live there now and I love it and so does everyone who comes over!

And Karen’s coaching helped me become the woman who is attracting an amazing man into my life. He is wonderful and I am falling deeper in love with him daily…He values me and treats me with such care.

If you have any emotional or physical pain, or just want to have more of what you want, I would HIGHLY recommend coaching with Karen Lorre.