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Kevin W. 

"My primary goals for working with Karen Lorre was to help my sleeping issues, to reduce chronic neck pain and to help with my anger problems Before working with Karen, my neck pain ranged from being severe and debilitating to a constant ache and tightness.  NOW from the various methods that Karen taught me, my neck problems have been reduced 90% or more and when I may have slight pain or the beginning of tightness I know how to quickly treat it and it goes away.   
My sleep has drastically improved. For over 10 years, I was consistently sleeping only 5 hours a night which for me makes it almost impossible to function throughout the day and I had tried everything you could imagine over the span of that 10+ years to fix it. Since working with Karen,  I am now sleeping 7-8 hours a night almost every night. It is incredible, I never thought this would be possible.  
Before working with Karen, I was even drinking 3-4 cups of coffee per day for energy from not sleeping well.  Even with the coffee, I  could barely function. I have since stopped drinking coffee completely, because I now have more natural, vibrant energy. 
Before working with Karen I would have bouts of anger that would arise in competitive situations, stressful interactions with my ex-wife and when driving (I live in Boston, we are not the friendliest drivers :))  and since working with her,  now I am calm and peaceful in these situations with a completely different mindset and if anything does begin to agitate or frustrate me I can quickly shift these feelings.    There have been so many other amazing benefits in my life that I did not expect from working with Karen:
Every relationship in my life is a million times better.  From my parents, ex-wife, my son, my brother and sister, my clients, and my friends, they have all improved. .  They all would tell you that there has been an enormous positive shift in me (some have asked me what drugs I am on and if they can have some - haha! And I am not on any drugs! ;)). 
I have gained 8 lbs of muscle without changing my diet or workouts, and I actually thought I had been eating less.  I had been plateaued at a weight for a while and was trying to gain additional muscle. Now I've broken through that plateau and the muscle building is still continuing!  I am in the best shape of my life, I attribute this new muscle gain to working with Karen, because she taught me me that when one has stress it reduces Human Growth Hormone so now that I feel so much happier from our work together, my HGH is naturally higher. Now I am eager to work out, I am more flexible,  I do more cardio, and I am pain-free. I have a Fitbit that tracks my heart rate and my resting heart rate has gone down 6 BPMs only in the last month, since working with Karen. 
I had some very disconcerting bladder issues for over a year and I was planning to see a doctor but these symptoms have completely gone away as a result of using Karen’s practices and methods.    Karen truly is a Goddess with such a bright light of love that she shares unconditionally.  I especially enjoy her excitement to share new things and how she always goes above and beyond my expectations.  Her energy is out of this world!  Literally. When I am working with her I feel constant love from her and she brings true meaning to the phrase “holding space” for someone.  I feel so lucky and honored to work with her.   It has been life-changing and I would say to anyone considering working with Karen,  that you will be amazed at what can happen for you and how quickly and easily you can become the best version of yourself."